Tell Sugar to F*ck Off & Reclaim Your Food Freedom



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July 25, 2024

Dear Fed-Up Foodie,

You’ve been down every diet rabbit hole, haven’t you? Told to worship at the altar of kale and pretend it’s as satisfying as a steak. Whispered sweet nothings by sugar substitutes that leave a bitter aftertaste in your mouth…and your soul.

I get it.

Life’s too damn short for bland food and broken promises. And that dream of feeling good in your own skin? It’s been smothered by the latest health fads and miracle cures.

No judgment here. I don’t judge you – I reserve that 100% for the sugar industry, and let’s not even start on the FDA with their SAD (Sad American Diet) recommendations, pushing more starches (aka sugar) than vegetables or organic beef.


It’s all Bullsh*t.

***Cue maniacal laughter and the sugar industry with its friends from Kellogg’s lurking in the shadows.***

That’s right. Added sugars. Processed crap. Breakfast cereals that are more dessert than meal. The works.

And let’s talk about what that crap is really doing to us:

  • Diabetes and pre-diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Increased risk of cancer
  • Mood disorders

It’s not just about the bulge or the bloat. It’s about feeling like a zombie, running on empty, and wondering why your clothes are plotting against you.

So, what the hell does this have to do with RESTART?

Glad you asked.

RESTART isn’t just a program; it’s my rebellion against the BS that’s been fed to us about food and health for far too long.

But it is a five week program.

And here’s the deal:


Real Food, Real Talk: I’m cutting the crap and getting back to basics with food your body actually recognizes.

Sugar? We Don’t Know Her: A 3-week sugar detox that’s about to show you what life on the other side looks like (Spoiler: It’s pretty damn sweet).

Support That Doesn’t Suck: Because going at it alone is last season. You’ll meet your tribe of fellow food rebels in our small group sessions online.

Simplified Meal Planning: Ditch the overwhelm with my easy-to-follow 21-day meal plan without sugar.  It even has tacos.

And here’s how we win each week:

Week 1 – The Sugar Showdown: Prepping your pantry and your mindset to kick sugar to the curb.

Week 2 – Gut Check Time: Dive deep into the belly of the beast and find out how sugar’s been messing with more than just your taste buds.

Week 3 – The Sweet Escape: Feel the change as your body thanks you for ditching the white stuff.

Week 4 – Fat: The Misunderstood Hero: Time to debunk some myths and make peace with fats.

Week 5 – Your Victory Lap: Celebrate, recalibrate, and plan your sugar-free future.

And you’ll feel freaking fantastic with improvements like:

  • Weight Loss: Shed those sugar-coated pounds.
  • Real Energy Boosts: Say goodbye to the 3 p.m. slump.
  • Improved Sleep: Snooze better without the sugar spikes.
  • Clearer Skin: Watch your complexion clear up as your diet cleans up
  • Stable Moods: Less sugar crashes means less mood swings.
  • Enhanced Focus: Sharpen your mind without the foggy sugar haze.
  • Reduced Cravings: Break free from the relentless sweet tooth ambush.
  • Reduced Inflammation: Tame the flames within your body that fuel countless problems.


As your guide through this maze of nutritional nonsense, I’ll be right there with you, uncovering the truth about sugar, processed foods, and how to live a life unpickled from the crap that’s been weighing us down.

I’m also going to give you a 21-day meal plan that I have crafted, free from sugar, that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks a day, complete with a shopping list so it’s super easy. Even if you want to do the detox as a family or a couple – just adjust the serving size on our dashboard, and the meal plan will automatically calculate the recipe and shopping list for you.

All this for $232. That’s less than a fancy coffee a day for a complete overhaul of how you eat, think, and feel about food.

Ready to tell sugar to f*ck off, find your food freedom, and maybe, just maybe, get a little unpickled in the process?


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