Eating Well Just Got
Freakin' Easy.

The only people who don’t like this plan prefer diabetes.

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July 25, 2024

You think that eating holistically is a Herculean task?


The real challenge?

Not having a badass plan to follow.  Until now.

Real Food, No BS.

Ever done the mad dash from soccer practice to ballet, only to shame-spiral in the drive-thru line? Been there, done that. Everything changed when we had to swap fast food for fast thinking after a celiac diagnosis in the family.

That was my wake-up call. Went from clueless to a certified holistic nutrition ninja.

Then I decided I wanted to help others, but guess what? Counseling alone didn’t cut it.


Because life’s a beast. We’re all juggling a million things, too drained to even think about eating right.

We’ve all been there.

So, I got creative.

I axed the excuses my customers were giving me (and, more importantly, themselves) and launched a meal-planning service that’s morphed into something epic.

With my meal plans, I’ve helped a truck driver shed 45 lbs and minimize the effects of arthritis.

I’ve helped a pro-boxer cut weight without starving himself.

I’ve helped a young woman clear up psoriasis without popping pills.

I’ve helped many people with many different conditions. And at the root of all these conditions…

Inflammation.  The silent enemy lurking behind so many of today’s health issues.  

But here’s the kicker – it doesn’t have to be your enemy.  You can fight back.  You just need a plan that you can stick to 80% of the time and doesn’t taste like cardboard.

I know what you’re thinking:

“Sounds cool, but putting together meal plans that isn’t bland, boring, and repetitive. Making shopping lists, finding recipes – who the hell has time for that?”

I do.  I do it every week.  And I send you an email that tells you it’s ready on Thursday mornings for next week.  

Then you login to the website.  Then…





That’s right, every week you get a 5-day meal plan that includes:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • 2 Snacks a Day

All are designed to get rid of all the processed BS in the SAD (Standard American Diet)

*this diet was partly developed to aid the pharmaceutical companies in making a killing on lifetime medication use!*

I mean, seriously, that diet from the FDA is a bunch of ingredients, mass-produced sugar-laden, uber-processed garbage that is supposed to be food, and it could be causing your:

Heart Disease
and so much more…

and sleepless nights…and

and my thyroid…and

feeling like garbage…and

taking a bunch of prescriptions forever…and


I got you boo 😉 

We have healthy snacks that taste like a Snickers.  We have a bonus section that is full of tacos if you want to call an audible on a Tuesday and make some tacos. 

Tons of taco recipes.  

And it’s all going to make you feel better.  And save you money on doctors and groceries.  

Wave Goodbye to Inflammation & Hello to Effortless, Holistic Living with Unpickled Meal Plans.

Only $32.00/month.

Every week, unlock the secret to a healthier you with the same kickass holistic meal plans I’ve been crafting for my clients. Now, it’s your turn to join the revolution, whether you’re looking to drop pounds, boost your health, or tackle those pesky conditions that have been nagging at you—all through the power of real, damn good food.

Here’s the skinny:

Full-on Flavor, Zero BS: Seize control of your health with a full week’s stash of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and two guilt-free snacks per day.

List Schmist: Forget about scribbling down shopping lists. Our recipes come with a magical built-in list feature. You tell us how many mouths you’re feeding, and boom! Your grocery list morphs to match. Whether you’re braving the supermarket aisles or tapping away for online delivery, we’ve streamlined the heck out of it.

Trust me, it’s ridiculously easy.

Let's review the unpickled meal plan

With your subscription you will get access to the Unpickled Meal Plan.  Our Dashboard will have three weeks of meal plans available at all times.  

The current week and the previous two weeks.  

Each week we’ll have:

  • 5 Breakfast
  • 5 Lunches
  • 5 Dinners
  • 2 Snacks a day

So if you had something come up last week you still have access to that meal plan.  Maybe you go out on Thursday night with friends.  

No judgement.  I do to sometimes.  I save that meal for the weekend.  

Your profile is configurable. 

If you are single, serving size of one. 

If you were super fertile and have a hockey line living with you and your other/better half like my friend April, change your profile to 5 or 7 or whatever. 

The recipes are going to do the math. 

The shopping list is going to do the math.  

You are going to shop and cook. You can shop online, go to Wal-Mart, Aldi’s, Safeway, Tom Thumb, Amazon/Whole Foods, Wegmans, Bachas, Kroger, HEB, or whatever floats your boat or gets you a gas discount.  

You may be wondering “Why don’t I just get access to all of the meal plans?”

Good question, you.  A couple reasons.

Part of eating holistically is eating what I like to call SOULfood.  Seasonal, Organic, Unprocessed and Local.  Read below for the details on my SOULfood.

Again, I have made this ridiculously easy.  The only reason for you not to sign up is you don’t like yourself, dogs, rainbows and you think your doctor should get more money.  


What folks say about Unpickled Meal Plans

Dr. Janelle Bicknell


Wesley Lynch

School Psycholigst

Josh Allen

Ex NFL Offensive Lineman

Cannon Rush


Frequently asked questions

What is SOULfood?

Food that is in season is fresh.  We like fresh.  Fresh tastes better.  Doesn't need to be preserved.  We don't like unnatural preservatives.  Kimchi is cool though.

Organic.  Fairly self-explanatory.  Your best is always going to be from a local farmer's market but the grocery stores are doing a better job.  

Unprocessed.  Did you read what I said above.  This is where the name 'Unpickled' came from.  Quit pickling yourself from the inside out.

Did you know your allergies improve by eating food grown in the region your in?  Seriously, the next time you buy honey make sure its made nearby.  

Again, the farmer's market is going to be the freshest.  Farmers sell what is in season.  Most of them follow sustainable farming practices not mass produced mono-crop bad for the soil, bad for people.  In fact alot of them farm the way their grandparents did. 

*** Come to think of it, our grandparents and great-grandparents were in better shape.  Only 6% of the US population was pre-diabetic or diabetic in 1960.  Just a few years later the sugar industry paid to demonize fat and Kellogs took off***

Do you have an app for iPhone or Android

Our website is totally mobile friendly. You don't need an app. You can access the meal plans, recipes, shopping lists - everything from the websites dashboard.

What if I change my mind?

If you sign up and change your mind. Cancel. When you are ready to come back and commit yourself to treating your body like you only get one of them in this life - we will be here welcoming you back with zero judgement.

Do you have a vegetarian option?

We are working on it. But with what is there it is easy to substitute proteins. If you sub with tofu, make sure it is organic and none of that GMO crap.

According to estimates in the CDC’s 2022 National Diabetes Statistics Report, more than 130 million U.S. adults have diabetes or prediabetes. The 2023 report hasn't come out yet, but it's not going to be pretty.

What if I miss a week?

You mean like when I go on vacation? You will find real quick my judgement is reserved for bad food policy, not for people. I don't judge you. In fact, I don't judge me. And my meal plans are intentionally not 7 days a week unless you are on our 3 week sugar detox.

So when you break down and take the kids for Chic-fil-A. Don't sweat it. When you go out with friends and have a couple cocktails, understand, I do that too.

Unless you have a very specific reason or a very performance related goal I will always advocate for an 80/20 lifestyle. 80% of the time eat clean and holistically. The other 20%, maybe be mindful but don't sweat the occasional donut or pizza.

Mine. I can give you a killer recipe for a sugar free spicy pulled pork with a flavorful slaw.

We have tacos. We have curry. We have steak. We have all kinds of super good stuff that you already love, prepared in a healthy way with the best ingredients.

Seriously, I got a phone call from one of our first clients that was floored he could make a killer cole slaw substituting mayo with organic greek yogurt and it taste amazing.

Why wouldn't I just do Hello Fresh or some other boxed service?

You can. If you don't like variety.

You can. If you don't like fresh vegetables or meats that spoil by the time they get to you.

You can. If you don't want to follow your favorite nutritionists advice to eat Seasonal, Organic, Unprocessed and Locally sourced food.

They don't provide a plan. Some convenience but it's just kinda...blah and not terribly healthy.


That's our Cilantro Orange Chicken recipe in the background. Phenomenal.

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