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4.8 stars because someone was offended that we had a vegetarian taco in the book.

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April 24, 2024

Dear Taco Lover,

We know the drill.
You’ve been told that to eat healthily, you gotta kiss tacos goodbye.

Settle for tofu that whispers “I’m healthy” but screams “I’m bland”

Tired of mainstream nutritionists preaching about the evils lurking in your beloved tacos?

We’ve all been there.

“Sure, this kale smoothie good for me, but what I wouldn’t give for some Barbacoa tacos right now…I don’t care if it’s Tuesday or not”

***with some pico de gallo and a squeeze of lime wedge***

Eating for your health is hard.

If your a parent, managing your health and those little bundles of “Oh my gawwwd we’re late to practice! Let’s GOOOOOO!”

No judgement from me.


It is hard.


***cue ominous music and the Standard American Diet full of processed bullshit and refined carbs***

The SAD diet with

The added sugars.

The processed meats.

The refined carbs.

But they get you. They know you want a taco. They know little Timmy wants a taco, too.

But those kinds of tacos are causing inflammation in your body

***wtf do you mean, “those tacos”. I will find you and destroy you if you talk bad about tacos***

I said it.

Those tacos.

A bunch of ingredients mass produced sugar-laden uber-processed bullshit stuff that is supposed to be food and it’s causing

Celiac Disease
Heart Disease
and so much more…

and sleepless nights…and

and my thyroid…and

feeling like garbage…and

taking a bunch of prescriptions forever…and

***eff me, why is this so damn hard to put a decent meal on the table and not be poisoned by it?***


So why does all this matter IF we are talking about tacos?

If you’re reading this right now its for one of two reasons.

1. My health isn’t where I want it to be and there isn’t a magic pill to get me there, I’ve tried.

2. You will do anything for a taco recipe.

Again, no judgement here. Whatever your reason.

So what makes my taco recipes special? Nothing really. Except…

They taste great!

They aren’t full of bullshit ingredients that cause cancer or your testes to get knotted up.

They are easy to prepare at home.

It doesn’t cost a lot.

It’s better for your gut than Taco Bell and the 18 ingredients they have in the taco shell alone…

And their taco meat. I shit you not they put Caramel Color, Cocoa Powder and a bunch of other inflammation causing BS in the meat.

For real. The link to their ingredients is below.

How hard is it to brown some meat, mix in some onion power, garlic powder, smoked paprika, cumin, oregano, sea salt? Dice some onions, a little organic tomato paste and touch of chili powder.

We even have a vegetarian option in the little book of tacos.

***bro, chill out with the negative reviews. You don’t have to eat the vegetarian ones….even if you probably should every now and then***

So why the long story? You had me at tacos.

When you get our taco recipes you will get access to the Unpickled dashboard.

And with just a taste you might just want to make your life easier with Unpickled Meal Plans.

We don’t do diets. We just work with a plan.

What Kind of Tacos do I get?

We’re going to start you off with

2 x breakfast tacos
2 x beef tacos
2 x chicken tacos
2 x fish tacos and
2 x vegetarian tacos

***dude, you really need to chill dafuq out about vegetarian stuff. Nobody asked you to be a vegetarian. It doesn’t hurt you to mix a couple vegetarian meals a week to give your pooper a break and a chance to catch up.***

The recipes will be in a downloable PDF from our dashboard and you’ll have access to the digital version plus a free week of my Unpickled Meal Plans.

Spoiler alert. We don’t eat tacos every meal. My husband would love that but the whole reason we release a new meal plan every week is because your gut loves diversity. So does your colon.

What folks say about Unpickled Meal Plans

Dr. Janelle Bicknell


Wesley Lynch

School Psycholigst

Josh Allen

Ex NFL Offensive Lineman

Cannon Rush


Frequently asked questions

Is there a paid version of Unpickled Meal Plans?

Yes. Full access to breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks a day; 5 days a week with configurable serving sizes, recipes and shopping list for $32 a month. I don't care if it's one person being fed or a the Duggars and a family of 19.

What do I get with the free version of Unpickled?

Tacos. A Week of our kickstart meal plan. Education about how the Industrial Food complex and our crappy Standard American Diet is poisoning us. Dashboard access and other stuff we think the masses should have that we haven't thought of yet.

What if I change my mind?

If you sign up and change your mind. Cancel. When you are ready to come back and commit yourself to treating your body like you only get one of them in this life - we will be here welcoming you back with zero judgement.

How to upgrade to paid version?

Click the button. You'll get tacos and so so so much more! I'm so excited for you! has the Taco Bell ingredient statement in an annotated form. For real go and look at the all the bullshit they put in there. Pepper Jack Sauce with 30 ingredients? Why does everything have TBHQ in it? What the hell is TBHQ?

Tertiary butylhydroquinone, or TBHQ, is an additive to preserve processed foods. TBHQ is foundin various fats, from vegetable oils to animal fats, making it a common ingredient in numerous processed foods. This includes everything from snack crackers and noodles to fast and frozen foods.

TBHQ's is also a component in non-edible products such as paints, varnishes, and even skincare items. There are studies that show it is a carcinogen that can cause nasty effects like vision problems, liver enlargement neurotoxic effects, convulsions, harm to the immune system, even anxiety and restless in children. Children don't need extra help be restless. Their kids for goodness sake, they were born restless.
Oh and it's an inflammatory to boot. And does not need a home in tacos.

Are there other things I should be worried about in my food?

1000% for sure. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, the website, create an account and join our classes. I'll teach you what I went to school for years to help you and yours be as healthy as you want to be!


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