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What began as a mom just trying to help her daughter with migraines and anxiety has become a mission to educate as many people as possible about holistic nutrition. Southside Nutritional Consulting makes holistic nutrition accessible, affordable, and convenient so you can improve the quality of your life, no matter where you are on your journey to better health.

In 2011 my chiropractor gave me a book titled What’s Eating Your Child after several rounds of tests to figure out why our daughter was suffering from migraine headaches, light sensitivity, severe stomach problems, OCD and more.  Every test we went through was inconclusive.  I dug into the book and shared with my husband that I wanted to try an elimination diet as a family and he would have to give up flour tortillas for a while. We went six weeks grain and gluten free and the results were staggering.  Not only did our daughter’s conditions improved – she actually cheated a meal at school that immediately produced the same symptoms we were seeing.  At the same time, my husband who is an avid runner that always carried asthma inhalers with him started to notice that he didn’t need to use his inhaler on his runs – at all.  Without telling me he actually started to ween himself off of blood pressure medication (I was not happy when I found out). 

Within weeks, my middle daughter and my husband had significant improvements in their health just from eliminating what we all consider staples from their diet.  This completely changed how I viewed the relationship between food, health and vitality and I decided to go back to school and become a holistic nutritionist.  Now I help people with weight conditions, anxiety, heart health and other maladies.  I do not replace your doctor and will never recommend you come off the blood pressure meds like my husband did but we can attack root cause by teaching you how to eat for health and vitality.  And sometimes there will even be a donut with bacon on it! 

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