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Eating Local

Dallas Farmers Market

How your food is grown is still important. The amount of heavy pesticides used on the foods you consume matters, so getting to talk with the farmer that grows your food lets you get to know how your food is grown. This gives you more control over your food choices that reflect good lifestyle decisions. Shopping for health rather than price and convenience shows a level of awareness that is hoped for.

The 4 Stages of Eating

woman eating dinner

The 4 Stages of Eating The relationship people have with food is often complicated. Some relationships are contentious, some are harmonious, and some are indifferent just like any real relationship. When you make the decision to lose weight, you also must take a hard look at what you eat. There are 4 levels of food […]

Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven


Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven We will all die. “We are going to die of something” is a phrase I often hear. They’re right: we are all going to die of something. The only things guaranteed are death and taxes. I typically like to respond with, “So don’t you want a better quality of […]

80/20 Rule

haystack snacks

80/20 Rule 1200*7= 8,400 8400*20%= 1,680 1680/7= 240 Yes, I am starting out with a math problem. It is a visual example of the 80/20 rule I talk about when I am talking with clients about changing habits. When you are trying to make a change to a lifetime habit, it’s not easy to go […]


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Bio-Individuality Bio-Individuality is a term that is not thrown around a lot in our one-size-fits-all society. We live as if everything works for everyone when in reality it doesn’t. You hear about this fabulous new diet that helped your neighbor lose 25 pounds, but when you apply the diet principles to your own life, you […]

Why I Never Recommend Dieting

Why I Never Recommend Dieting People ask me what my favorite diet is all the time, and I always answer none.  I’m not a fan of the diet mentality—of depriving yourself to reach a goal. Health is a journey. It’s not something to be rushed because you have to lose 10 pounds before summer. Changing your […]