Eating Local

Eating Local There’s been an explosion of Farmers Markets in towns all over the country.  It seems every size town now has seen the benefits of having one in their town center and it stems from the demand of knowing where our food comes from.  The small-time farmer is slowly disappearing, giving way to bigger […]

Sleep: The Overlooked Aspect of a Healthy Lifestyle

Your body tries to heal itself while you are sleeping. The body detoxes toxins, hormones are released to help your body heal, your body makes more while blood cells to combat any bacteria that is lurking in your body.

Probiotics: The Key to a Healthy Gut


The word “probiotic” is a combination of the prefix “pro”, meaning “in favor of”, and “biota,” meaning “for life” in Latin. When combined, the word “probiotic” is a substance that encourages the growth of bacteria.

Benefits of Strawberries

Benefits of Strawberries There is something extraordinary about strawberries. Perhaps it’s their bright red color or that they are one of the first fruits of the season. But did you know that strawberries are not only delicious, but they also offer a host of health benefits? One of the strawberries’ most impressive health benefits is […]

Importance of Hydration

slow down relax de stress

The Importance of Hydration As summer is fast approaching or actually here in the great state of Texas, we need to start becoming more focused on our hydration.  It’s warm out, we are out more, so we need to make sure we are not becoming a hot mess of dehydration.  Staying hydrated is really important […]

De-stressing is Important!

slow down relax de stress

De-stressing is Important! Stress: the seemingly four letter word that many people wear with a badge of honor. The view is generally that the busier you are, the better, more productive, and fuller your life is. Being stressed is what life is all about. But is it really? Are we supposed to be stressed to […]

Keeping Your Motivation

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Keeping Your Motivation Motivation is one of those things that is constantly needing attention, like a 2 year old.  Although it’s not as needy and doesn’t request Baby Shark umpteen million times, it does need to be “fed”.  I may be speaking from personal experience, but motivation to do anything doesn’t always come easy.  There […]

Create Habits, Not Resolutions


Create Habits, Not Resolutions Before the turn of the new year, people reflect on their year and decide what they’d like to change moving forward. It’s typically things like losing weight, saving money, going to the gym more, or just carving out more family time. My resolution every year is to get more organized. I […]