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Southside Nutrition Meal Planning

Real Food. Real Easy.

Have you ever taken your kids to _______ practice on alternating days of the week followed by games all weekend and found yourself at the drive-thru way too much?  (11 years of soccer for us).  Yeah, eating healthy was a pipe dream until we had to when one of our daughters was diagnosed celiac.  No more drive thru’s before or after practice.  

My journey began with helping my kid.  It turned into a career.  I went back to school and became a holistic nutrition counselor.  I also started to help other people but quickly found that counseling by itself didn’t help alot of people and the reason is super easy.  WE are all too busy, too stressed, too time constrained to take care of ourselves.  

So a couple years in, I modified my practice because I really am passionate about helping people improve their health through what they eat, how they eat, how my customers deal with the stress of life and more.  So I took the excuses away from my clients and started a meal prepping service.  At first it was just a couple of people looking to lose weight.  Then it became clients dealing with allergies and conditions and then it became performance nutrition.   

And you know what?  It worked. I mean it worked.  With my approach to holistic meal planning I have seen 60 year old truck drivers lose 45 lbs.  I have seen athletes with multiple surgeries improve their performance.  I have helped a 30 year old woman deal with psoriasis when pills didn’t do a thing for it.  

So now, I’m making the same meal plans that I cook for my clients each week available to anyone who wants to live better and I’m making it really easy.  In fact, I’m giving you a week for free.

Go ahead. Try A Meal Plan.

That’s right, I am giving everyone one week for free.  If you follow check out this meal plan you will see just how easy this can be.  With my meal planning you get access to a full weeks worth of breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks a day.  Our recipe collections include built in shopping lists so you don’t have to write this down.  In fact, you get to determine the quantity of servings for your meals and our shopping list tool automatically adjusts what you need from the grocery store whether you go in person or order online.  

It’s really that easy.  In fact, I intentionally made this easy for anyone because I am all about treating our bodies better through how we eat.  We can all build better immunity systems, manage our weight, add muscle, control inflammation and deal with other conditions like gluten sensitivity or psoriasis by managing what we eat.  

I want you to feel better.  I want your kids to fight colds easier.  I want you to recover from your workouts faster and the key is in how you eat.

Get my meal plans every week

It’s about a buck a day and no week is the same.  If you are cooking for two people it’s 50 cents to a day to have a solid plan.  A family of four – your looking at a quarter to plan 5 days a week of meals and snacks for the fam and I assure you this will save you money on food, pharmacy and you’ll feel a ton better.